The approach at the sub-national level, or jurisdictional level (JA), is currently one of the critical entry points in the integrated landscape approach in economic and environmental development fostered through the participation of various stakeholders across sectors to achieve national sustainable development targets.

The development of collaboration in several pio-neering jurisdictions in the sub-national inspired the parties to come together and establish a jurisdiction collective action forum (JCAF). The JCAF is a month-ly dialogue series for parties from across sectors to share experiences on evidence-based best practices and identify common practical approaches in advanc-ing jurisdictions.

To date, JCAF has facilitated 10 dialogue series on various topics and was attended by more than 18,000 participants from 24 countries.

JCAF’s 11th dialogue this month was held with Philantrophy Indonesia online as part of the Indonesia Philanthropy Festival 2022 (FIFest2022). The speakers share their experiences discussing the priorities of philanthropic ecosystem development strategies correlated with regional prospects at the district/city jurisdiction level. This dialogue was welcomed by the representatives of the government, academics, and philanthropic activists from organizations and corporations at the national and international levels. It is facilitated by the business innovation community. It is attended by the general public who want to share or are interested in learning more about the jurisdictional approach supported by philanthropy in achieving the SDGs targets.