Green Growth Hub

The Green Growth Hub is designed to be a tool—a  digital platform and resource center  to integrate the state of knowledge in sustainable jurisdictional approaches, a repository for business and investment cases of jurisdictional approaches, and a platform to promote green investment. Our goal is to mobilize collective action to advance sustainable development goals (SDGs), promote  sustainable commodity supply chain and draw investment from investors, donors, and businesses toward advancing green jurisdictions. Learn more

Jurisdiction Investment Outlook

What Green Growth Hub looks for is the business case for investing in sustainable jurisdiction and green investment opportunities at the jurisdictional level that would support, enhance, and accelerate sustainable development goals to catalyze green growth.

Jurisdiction Investment Outlook is an informative catalog that aims to illustrate the prospective green growth ecosystems and provide a curated list of green investment opportunities—including several field programs at the jurisdictional level that are mature, under development, and potential to be developed for corporate and investor engagements. The goal is to make it easier for companies and investors to understand how to link their supply chain efforts with broader conservation and production strategies to contribute to their success and achieve their own supply chain goals. Learn more

Business & Investment Cases

A selection of business and investment cases which illustrates Green Growth Hub’s approach in balancing the financial and environmental aspects of development to achieve benefits for all stakeholders involved.

The goal is to disseminate a shared narrative agenda pertaining sustainable commodity productions, lessons learned and best practices of jurisdictional approach, and efforts toward deforestation-free commodities. View more cases

Policy Briefs

Policy briefs are reviews of current state of policies and regulations, governance and enabling ecosystem for green growth with recommendations distilled from experts and practitioners that would empower businesses, governments, and civil societies to understand the challenges and opportunities that particular policies impact on the specific course of actions. It spurs recommendations and innovations based on insights and evidence to advance the green growth agenda. View more policies


Highlights of recent events involving Jurisdiction Collective Action Forum, Investor Dialogues and Sectoral Dialogues that demonstrate key events and publications across global, national and subnational levels. Green Growth Hub publishes key dates for upcoming dialogues and publications of business cases, jurisdiction investment outlooks, and policy briefs. View more events